The philosophy of life

Philosophy is a vision of life, but not a theory. It signifies a “Possession” of wisdom but not the love it retains. Hence many philosophers, doctors, preachers, etc are the possessors of wisdom with mutual love in its relationship and meaning. So, to be a philosopher the more done than the original concerns the value in life. A philosopher is not only concerned with human beings but also the universe, all the creations on the earth, etc. His thoughts has to wander everywhere and reflect the import of existence in one together.

Philosophy has been identified as the thoughtful life without any action. That is, it would be a misrepresentation of wisdom based on ignorance with respect to nature of wisdom. However philosophy is concerned with meditation and concentration for a state of consciousness does not exclude sense but are inclusively filled with wisdom and truth. A philosopher would be a great admiration with clouded understanding and action for the uplift of the universe. Philosophy synthesizes the art of feeling, caring, active, etc. where the gospel of wisdom life is a notion equivalent to action-less. A philosopher’s talk would be greatly emphasized for the strength in it, clarity of speech and moral endings.

As a student under philosophy, the basic needs of philosophy in life should be: Disinterest in the appearances differed in reality, Mind free from tensions, Control over one’s own senses, Power to face the changes in circumstances or fortune, Conviction in belief on philosophy, Discrimination of reality, Free from selfishness and distractions, Concentrating mind on behalf of the subject, etc. Without these a student would be a failure in the stream of philosophy. Though the effort required is indeed more, it has to be accepted measurably in the pursuit of philosophy. If not, it would be like sun shining into the eyes of a blind.

Philosophy in many countries differs and the virtue of life differs from the same. Darsana, an Indian practice of philosophy is the implementation of philosophy for the wisdom of life with reference to above all functions. Thus philosophy has the virtue of grasping outer situations of one’s intellectual being followed with philosophy in life. Philosophy is dealt with the Whole but not the inner or outer feelings where the mirror reflections are subjected to compared with philosopher. Fundamental knowledge of reality, existence. etc. leads the need to be a philosopher.

Philosophy is not opposed to any religion. It is the oil to make the lamp of religion to glow within or outer. Philosophy leads religious practices in the path of light and as a symbol of hope. It is the life of the religious body. It symbolizes the code of ethics, sociology and policies in the religion. To have peace in the world, it is said that philosopher and the ruler should be present in the same person. It is a remedy for racialism, irrational behavior and illness. It discovers the rationality clearing the path for the neat socialistic world.

Philosophy is the mere judgement excluding over estimation, discrimination. It is accepted in different fields of technologies even for constructing a system of beliefs. It has its place for prospective of thinking to neither ignored for its development. It is like judge, has its own circumstances, sifts in the view of relation with the world. So, no one can afford to turn away from the gift “Philosophy”.