Papers and Works

  1. 19th Century American Philosophy Hanover College Philosophy
  2. Ancient Philosophy (Hanover College Philosophy)
  3. APA List of Electronic Texts
  4. A Philosophy of Artificial Life Bibliography
  5. Behavioral and Brain Sciences Target Article Preprints Searchable.
  6. FU-Berlin: Philosophy Texts;
  7. Library of Bioethics and Medical Humanities Texts and Documents
  8. The On-Line Books Page
  9. English Server at Carnegie Mellon Carnegie Mellon University
  10. Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (CETH);
  11. The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
  12. Library of Congress via DRA LCMARC Database;
  13. The Classics Archive Greek and Latin texts in English translation. Searchable.
  14. CUI W3 Keyword-Search (Centre Universitaire d’Informatique World Wide Web Catalog, Genf);
  15. Critique of Pure Reason (with Search Engine )
  16. Dieter Köhler’s Guide to Philosophical Texts
  17. Daniel Dennett
  18. Directory for Philosophy Papers on-line
    Authors can announce their new papers here on this page, and interested parties can check here to see where such papers are, without having to look through other philosophers’ websites to see if there is anything new
  19. The Electronic Library
  20. German Libraries
  21. Project Gutenberg master index
  22. IDEAL electronic journal library (Mirror site in Europe)
    Electronically available journal articles
  23. InteLex “Past Masters” Catalog Commercial editions of full texts of classical works of philosophy.
  24. Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason Searchable version of Norman Kemp Smith translation.
  25. Liverpool Guide to Philosophy Etexts
  26. Logic Group Preprint Series
  27. Logic Eprints
  28. American Mathematical Society Preprint Server
    Covering many topics in logic and the foundations of mathematics of interest to philosophers.
  29. Medieval Philosophy (500 – 1500) Hanover College Philosophy
  30. Early Modern European Philosophy (1500 – 1789) Hanover College Philosophy
  31. Modern European Philosophy (1789 – present) Hanover College Philosophy
  32. Pagina sobre Filosofia (Francisco Conde)
  33. Perseus Project Ancient Greek texts in Greek and English
  34. Philosophers Page Searchable by philosopher, links to full texts.
  35. Philosophical Etexts (Jason Abbott)
  36. Online Library of Philosophy (Ron Bombardi)
  37. Philosophy Texts Carnegie Mellon University
    Many, may texts. Also check the main menu at
  38. Philosophy-Web Search-Interface – FU-Berlin
  39. International Philosophical Preprint Exchange
  40. Preprints Fern-Universitaet Hagen
  41. Valdosta Etext Archive