Japanese Philosophy and Onsen in Niseko

Japanese PhilosophyBrad Murray: Japanese philosophy has been influenced by elements of Confucianism, Buddhism, neo-Confucianism and western philosophy. Japanese philosophy has consistently demonstrated a remarkable capacity for assimilating foreign ideas into traditional Japanese thought.

Confucianism entered Japan in the fifth century and influenced Japanese social, political and ethical thought. Confucianism provided a model for the five basic dyadic relations of personal interactions and strongly influenced Japan’s hierarchical social structure. 

Chinese Buddhism entered Japan in the sixth century. From Buddhism, Japanese philosophy incorporated aesthetic and psychological principles, meditative practices, and the central Buddhist conception that the ego is the cause of human dissatisfaction.

Zen Buddhist monks brought to Japan neo-Confucian texts from China in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. These texts added a metaphysical explanation for the workings of the natural world as well as new ethical teachings about social responsibility outside of religious contexts.

After the opening of Japan to international trade, Japanese intellectuals studied western philosophy in Europe and America. Japanese intellectuals gravitated initially towards German idealism and to a lesser extent American pragmatism in an effort to assimilate western scientism without sacrificing traditional Japanese values.

Philosophy permeates Japanese life. For example, the Onsen is a traditional Japanese public bath with natural hot volcanic spring water. Closely tied to the Japanese Sento (a public bath that uses ordinary water), it plays a strong role in Japanese culture because it is a socially acceptable way to counterbalance the hectic demands of the Japanese work ethic.

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