Philosophy Journals

philosoOver 140 philosophy journals are currently in print. While some deal with topics of general interest, others focus more narrowly on specialized issues in philosophy, such as political philosophy or environmental ethics.

There’s an element of subjectivity, of course, in any listing of the top five philosophy journal. But here are five that are among the best known.

The Journal of Philosophy: Since 1904, the Journal of Philosophy has been publishing peer-reviewed articles examining current issues, especially those that explore philosophy’s boundaries with other disciplines. The journal is associated with Columbia University in New York City.

The Philosophical Review: The Philosophical Review is a quarterly publication edited by Cornell University faculty, primarily focusing on issues in analytic philosophy, a 21st century extrapolation of the work of Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the logical positivists.

Nous: Nous is a quarterly journal edited by Ernest Sosa, a Rutgers University professor who is one of the world’s leading epistemologists. Nous, however, publishes articles that represent the range of issues at the center of today’s philosophical debates. Nous also publishes in-depth critiques of newly published philosophy works.

Mind: Mind is a British journal, founded in 1976, and published by the Oxford University Press. Mind’s primary focus is the analytic tradition of philosophy. Over the years, many classic philosophical arguments have first seen light in Mind, including the 1950 essay by Alan Turing, entitled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, in which Turing first proposed the now famous Turing test.

Ethics: Ethics publishes scholarly articles pertaining to how rules of conduct apply to social, political, legal and economic aspects of contemporary life, as well as book reviews, book notes and other discussion articles. The journal was founded in 1890 and is published by the University of Chicago Press.