Philosophy of Marketing

lanyardBy Brad Murray: As we all know, any form of clothing or outfitting that we can put a branding on or the name of some political figure or product works as a way to advertise for our particular interests. Whether it is a shirt, a backpack, a patch, or some other article we can include insignia on, it becomes a form of advertising. During campaigns for public office we use advertisements. We also do this in an effort to forward our opinions or to sell products. One effective way of doing this sort of advertisement is lanyards. Lanyards are those 1 to 2 foot pieces of cloth or nylon that are usually attached to keys that have enough space on them to convey a message. Things printed on them can be anything from political messages to retail clothing line names to sports teams.

They hang from peoples’ pockets and are used to hold their keys and other various important items. As people use the objects hung from them others notice the advertisement and whatever is printed on them is imprinted into the mind of consumers everywhere. They are a very noticeable and effective way to advertise in today’s image is everything type culture. When running an ad campaign for whatever reason it is not a bad idea to include such items in your plan of action as a way to get your products name out there and make sure it is seen by many eyes. They are one of the best on person marketing tools available.