1. APA List of Web Sites With Philosophical Content
  2. Philosopher’s Almanac
  3. Chinese University of Hong Kong Guide to Philosophy
  4. Cundido Junior’s Bookmarks (In Portuguese)
  5. David Chalmers
  6. DialogNet Ellis HomePage
  7. Directory of Philosophy Related Reources on the Internet
  8. The UC Irvine Directory of Philosophy
  9. David Chalmers Web Resources
  10. EINet Galaxy Guide to Philosophy
  11. Guide to Philosophy and Logic (Paul Wong)
  12. My Virtual Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Religion (Bob Drudge)
  13. Filosofia en Espanol (.es)
  14. German Subject Catalogue: Philosophy;
  15. Hyper-Weirdness Philosophy Page
  16. Infinite Ink Philosophy Page (Nancy McGough)
  17. Internet Philosophy Servers McGill University
  18. Internet Services for Philosophers (Arno Wouters)
  19. Scienze Filosofiche (.it)
  20. The John Hopkins Philosophy Pages
  21. Pagina sobre Filosofia (Francisco Conde)
  22. Philosophy Around the Web (Peter King)
  23. Philosophy at Large (Stephen Clark)
  24. Philosophy in Cyberspace (Dey Alexander)
  25. Philosophy in Cyberspace (Dey Alexander)
  26. Philosophy Meta-Links (Leslie Jones)
  27. Philosophy on the Web (Arno Wouters)
  28. Philosophy on the Internet (Morville et al.)
  29. The Philosophy Page (Angelo Caiazzo)
  30. Philosophy Pages (Dieter Köhler)
  31. Philosophy Webliography (Steven Harris)
  32. The Political Scientist’s Guide
  33. Polyhymnia Map of Web Philosophy (Dave Horacek)
  34. RBJ’s Philosophy Page (Roger B. Jones)
  35. Resources in Philosophy and Women’s Studies
  36. Routledge’s Guide to Philosophy Resources on the Internet
  37. Mary Long’s SOURCE:Philosophy list
  38. Spoon Home Page
  39. Peter Suber’s Guide to Philosophy
  40. ThinkNet Philosophy Resources
  41. The Ultimate Philosophy Page (Sean Cearley)
  42. The Ultimate Philosophy Home-Page;
  43. Useful Philosophy Resources (David Potts)
  44. Utrecht Philosophy Links
  45. Voice of the Shuttle Philosophy Page (Alan Liu)
  46. Virtual Library Guide to Philosophy
  47. Worldwide List of Philosophy Gophers
  48. WWW Resources in Philosophy
  49. Yahoo Guide to Philosophy (Lists of Links)
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