About Us

The main goal of this site is to provide a way to sistematize the access to the different philosophy resources available at the world wide web.

This objective justifies itself by many reasons. We know that there are plenty of sites dedicated to philosophy at Internet. Nevertheless, the task to spot their URL addresses using the existing search engines demands an enormous amount of time, because those too comprehensive engines return thousands of sites to each request (Even if you ask for a strong match). Unfortunately, there are too few engines committed fully to the realm of philosophy as yet. (e.g.Mary Long’s Source: Philosophy List). So a Philosophy Guide is still welcome.

It is clear, however, that there are many other lists of links similar to mine, but this fact only is not enough to hinder me to concurr with the existing ones. Futhermore, this is the first service of this kind located on a server in Brazil, and that means, so I hope, quicker acesses and better answers to the needs and interests of brazilian researchers and students.

Update Policy

On 21st of every month expect small updates. Major improvements will be especially announced.

History Updates:

  • The Release 1.0 once consisted of 165 links to philosophy resources arranged under 5 categories and 5 subcategories.
  • Release 1.1, available on February 16th 1996, has introduced new features made possible by the Netscape Navigator 2.0. On this ocasion was frames introduced, so as to sistematize the visualization of the many lists of which this site is made.
  • Release 1.2, available on March 21st 1996, has generalized the use of frames throughtout the site e corrected many URL changes.
  • Release 1.3, on line by June, 21st 1996, introduced 386 new links, one more subsection, Miscellany, changed the layout of some frames and the old, local counter, to a more reliable counter.
  • Release 1.4, on line by December, 24th 1996, introduced radical layout changes. The aim of this last change is to improve the site’s overall efficiency. And now there is a mirror site located at California, USA. You might be interested to see if this one load faster than the older one. The alternative URL is http://owtp.org.